Improper Lubricant (Wrong Oil) must use proper oil.
Cam- crank sensor
Diesel Injector could be bad
Flat battery- low cranking speed
Fuel Contamination
Glow Plugs or Relay
High Pressure Pump Bad
Internal Engine Problems
Low pressure supply pump bad
Not enough fuel supply
Bad pressure Regulator Sensor
Blocked Fuel Supply -Filters

  • Glow plugs
  • Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) System Failure
  • Injectors
  • EGR

We work mainly on Light Duty Trucks, (FORD, DODGE and CHEVY). We can work on some older medium and heavy-duty trucks.

A:  If you have WHITE SMOKE it could be any of the following:  Injectors/ EGR problems/Glow plugs or Relay/ Injector Wiring Harness/ Low compression/ Low fuel pressure/ Turbo problems B: If you have BLACK SMOKE if could be any of the following: Answer:  Air intake restriction/ Injectors/ EGR problems/   Injector blow by seat leaking/ Low fuel pressure/ Turbo problems

Coolant leak/ Damaged Cooling Fan/ Faulty Radiator Hose/ Cylinder Heads & Gaskets/    

Knocking Noise: Diesel Engine Failure/ Leaking Injectors/   Whining Noise: Turbo Failure/Lubrication or Foreign Objects/Exhaust Manifold Leak

Increased Fuel Consumption/ Poor Idle/ Fuel Odors/ Hard Starting/ Poor Emissions/ Oil Thinning/Misfire

Starting Issues/ Poor Idle/Failed Emissions/Poor Performance/ Engine does not reach full RPM/

Increased Fuel Consumption/ Rough Engine Performance/ Surging or bucking under various throttle loads/ Smoke from tail pipe/ Engine Knock or engine failure

Baker’s Diesel is a been selling Stanadyne Fuel Additive for over 42 years, this is the best fuel additive on our list.  It protects and improves the performance of all fuel injection systems.  Because poor quality fuel can cause performance issues, premature wear, gumming of components, and plug filters.  Stanadyne recommends been recommends that you add the additive to every tank fill up to ensure maximum performance and life expectancy of your diesel fuel system.

Bad pressure regulator-sensor/Blocked fuel supply-filters/Diesel injector/ Fuel Contamination/ Injector Blow by seat leaking/ Injector wiring harness bad/ Internal engine problems/ Low fuel pressure/ Low compression

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