Justin was excellent! He has worked there for years and knows his stuff. He diagnosed my oil leak and gave me my options. Rather than trying to sell a $2200 job to me he advised that I do what's best for my family and fix it (oil pan leak) when I am ready. I noticed smoke coming from under my hood post repair and told him. Even though it wasn't anything he had done or messed up, he told me to pull up to a garage door and fixed it in 5 minutes. I was really hoping to find a solid and reliable diesel mechanic and now I know I have! Great work, trustworthy, respectful, and the fact that I had to wait to get in shows me a lot of other people trust them too. I'll definitely be back - although I'd prefer my truck just work!

Tyler Davis

Excellent local business. I was able to semi diagnose an issue that I was having with my truck and had an upcoming trip in which I needed my truck. I was able to make arrangements with them, get my truck to them and have them change out a few high pressure oil pump gaskets for me. their prices are very fair, their mechanics are very knowledgeable and they were able to make the repairs for me so that I could get my truck and have it for my trip. Thank you for squeezing me in and repairing my truck in a very timely manner! Thank you! Highly recommended!!!!

C. Stricker

I took my 2002 duramax to Jim thinking I needed my injectors replaced. I received a call from him stating that after his lengthy diagnostics check, . he would recommend That I just use an additive to resolve my issue( saving me a lot of money).I am in the process of doing just that. I really believe he is an honest Knowledgeable master mechanic. Thank you for your honesty. You Will always have my business..

Jeff Lefler

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